About Us

​Stakeboat Capital LLP is a value oriented, alternative investment firm, focused on small and medium companies in select regions of India. Stakeboat Capital is founded and managed by members who have strong experience in building and/or investing in large multi-million dollar businesses through organic growth and inorganic acquisitions, both in India and abroad. The members have been associated with the Indian venture capital and private equity industry over the last 28 years either through investing or raising capital. They have invested in or founded companies whose current market capitalization is in excess of USD 8 billion.

The Founders have more than 50 years of combined entrepreneurial / venture capital / private equity / M&A experience and have raised, sourced, invested and managed more than 70 companies. The firm founded by a team of skilled and experienced entrepreneurs and private equity professionals, provides flexible capital to established, private and revenue generating companies with low capital intensity. We seek to invest between Rs.100 million to Rs.500 million (approx. USD 1.5 million to USD 7 million) per investment. Target companies generally should have established a track record of growth of revenues over the last few years.

We invest in a specialized category of companies we call as “Little Giants”, which are primarily defined by the following requisites:

- Dominate a sub category or a sub segment in a Large Market
- Value generation through Differentiation in products, services and business models and not just by pursuing financial scale
- Provides a strong platform for “Aggregation”

Our investments are in the form of significant minority shareholding but with adequate control provisions which will ensure liquidity for our investments. We do also pursue select control opportunities along with like-minded co-investors.