Stakeboat Capital primarily invests in select themes, particularly Enterprise Technology, Healthcare and Agro led businesses, where we believe that the team can provide operational and strategic value to the target company post investment. The themes are based on a fundamental thesis that their growth is driven by human capital, business model innovation and distribution and market reach. We are also a regionally focused fund which will enable us to replicate business models from one region to another. 

Investment Philosophy

Stakeboat Capital was founded with a clear strategy of providing small and medium companies with both flexible capital and strategic support in order to assist them, achieve the greatest growth potential and in the process generate significant returns to our Investors. The Founders of Stakeboat Capital have successfully established and/or partnered with the management of over 70 middle market companies in the last 28 years.

Investment Criteria

Stakeboat Capital seeks to partner with small and medium companies in India with significant long-term growth potential which can be achieved organically and/or through acquisitions.

The Fund would primarily invest in companies having select specific themes. The themes across which the investments would revolve include:

- Accelerators like business model innovation and disruptive technology,
- Human capital
- Wider distribution / market reach / brand presence
- Lending to an “Aggregation” model

The Investment team and the Advisory Group would provide advisory, operational and strategic help post investment which would enhance the value of the portfolio company. The team will bring in the expertise and learning across regions in building the Fund's portfolio.

We do not invest in publicly listed companies, real estate and companies engaged in commodity businesses.

Investment Strategy

The key components of our strategy are:

- Invest in "Little Giants
- Strong focus on “Aggregation” of smaller players
- Significant Minority / Control in revenue generating companies
- Build long-term value through hands-on involvement
- Work closely with the ​portfolio companies, to drive operational improvements, identify strategic growth initiatives and monitor management’s performance

Stakeboat Capital's primary focus is on low capital intensive sectors which are driven by human capital and high growth consumption in India. These sectors have created disruptive and innovative business models which have resulted in an accelerated growth compared to other sectors. We target companies that are undervalued or under-financed and in need of an equity infusion. The Founders have consistently adhered to this strategy for more than 28 years, which has resulted in significant value creation and extraordinary returns to their limited partners / private equity investors.