Investment Team

Adithya Bharadwaj

Senior Associate

Adithya Bharadwaj (Adithya) has over 6 years of professional experience in due diligence and private equity. He supports the partners in evaluating prospective investment opportunities, due diligence, transaction structuring and execution, monitoring of investments across various segments. 

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Chandrasekar Kandasamy (Chandra)

Managing Partner

Chandrasekar Kandasamy is the Founding Managing Partner, with over 27 years of U.S and India based private equity/venture capital experience primarily in the technology and healthcare sectors. Chandra has a distinguished investment track record, as more than 45 of the transactions he has led, have been successfully exited through secondary acquisitions or initial public offerings. 

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Praveen Lodha


Praveen Lodha has over one and half years of professional experience in Equity Research covering Banking & Financial services sector and Macro-economics. 

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